Sorry. :(

Im Really Sorry To People Who Have Went To The Party. It Was Short Notice That People Were Coming To My House. Now Im Pissed Like Some Of You. The Party Will Be On WEDNSDAY Same Time. Im Really Sorry. I Will Add Everyone Who Went To The Party Onto My Blogroll. :) I’m Really Sorry. :( I’ve Been Busy During This Week. I Might Even Quit Sometime Around May…


24 Responses

  1. Ok. I Will Be Adding Anyone On The Blogroll. :) Make Sure You Put Your Link And Name. I’ll Keep It For 1 Month.

  2. 1. Dont quit. U got 20,000 hits. Why quit now?
    2. Its okay! Im a little dissapointed, but hey once i get famous, (make that an if) I bet i’ll miss like a million partys! And we still had fun! So relax. Sorry about everything I said before. ;)
    ~Cali :D

  3. Instead of putting me on your blogroll , since im already there , could you order something for my tux paint page?

  4. ok can i be on your blogroll

  5. You shouldn’t quit Justrokstar

  6. My name is Blue Joravar

  7. we had fun at the party anyways

  8. I can’t come on Wednesday

  9. Can you make it next saturday

  10. It’s ok man.
    You know my site.
    My penguin name is Makee3.
    And I could say as many pleases possible but my computer isn’t strong enogh.So PLEASE do knot leave your my idol.

  11. Your picture is done.

  12. I’m Having Commenting Contest Like You Justrokstar!

  13. And also I changed My theme to yours.
    I love The seprate Pages Feature.

  14. OK ill be @ the wed. oneQ!

  15. plz dont quit ur one of my BFFS on CP

  16. Come to your Chat Justrokstar.

  17. Does Donuts still go on cp?

  18. I am very sorry I couldn’t make it. I was at one of my friemds house. I will try to come to your next party!


  19. Plzz dont quit.

  20. Its Ok I was like do I have the wrong invite In the wrong server or room or maybe I didn’t get the time right when will this guy show up lol!!

  21. skaggs101 and mickey6543’s site

  22. I am so sorry I ddin’t make it.It totally slipped my mind.I was eating dinner when you were partying sorry. =-(

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