Member Party Update!

The Member Party Starts On Thursday! A New Game Will Be Released Too! And you Can Also Meet DJ Candence!


Don’t Forget The Party Will Be On Wednesday. Server: Koskicko; Time 4 PM PST


6 Responses

  1. I Submitted My Comment So PLease Let Me Join The Penguin Army!

  2. Hello! You qualify for the best blog contest at my site!

    BTW Cool Site!

  3. PLease Come To My Freinds And My Party.
    When: Thursday
    Time: 2:00 Pm Penguin Standard Time
    Server: Ice Burg
    Room: Dock
    Who Will be There: Pupetboy1 & Makee3

    Anyones Invited!
    Please Come!

  4. my brother told me it was 2:00 pm pst wednesday server koskiusku at the dock
    and I’m there no one else around me I’m all alone :(

  5. Dude Don’t Miss This Party TOO!!!!!

  6. Im Sorry. i said i as busy. :(

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