New Pin+January 2009 Catolog

Donuts here, I’m posting for a while. The new member party is out! I hope you checked the new game too!

There is a new pin. The new pin is located at the Snow Forts. :) It’s A Taco! And if you haven’t noticed, there is a pin tracker from Sp1ffy! :D










The new Better Igloos catolog is out! There’s only a few cheats.

Click on the Puffle for the Superhero Poster.


Click on the rope for the Welcome Mat.

Need help to find Cadence? I have the 3 SURE tips to find her!

  • She’s always spotted at the most populated server. Examples: Frozen, Mammoth, Alpine
  • Cadence is mostly at the Rooftop! Check there daily. She waddles to the Lounge, then Night Club. Her pattern will change. Example: Rooftop-Night Club Or Night Club-Roof Top
  • If you see some sentences like this, “If I say ICE you say COLD!” that must be her.

-Donuts 11


3 Responses

  1. We’ve been losing hits. :( I hope you liked the post though! :D

  2. Oh, yeah. Tune in later for a contest!

  3. Awesome Post!!

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