New Screen Page!

Check Out The New Start Page Upgrade :D It’s All About Members!

Screen 1:








Screen 2:






Screen 3:






Screen 4:







And Theres An Annoucment For Members! But The Link Is Broken.

And check This Out, There’s An Icon For MEmbers On Your Playercard!

member icone





But It Hasn’t Changed For Non-Members.

nonmember icon


8 Responses

  1. Looks Cool! :D

  2. hey Justrokstar i wanted to know if i can help you with the site my email is Thank you

    – Pjtaz97

  3. I Did The Fwebtraffic.
    It Really Works! Thanks Justrokstar!

  4. Dude I’m Finally A Member Agian!!!

  5. Your using Fwebtraffic!!!
    Seriously, you should stop using it soon
    You know thats how Jc4x4’s blog got banned right?
    Paintboy100’s staff, said they would have all blogs who used it banned
    Take my warning, STOP using it!


  6. whats that 100,000 thing mean when it says code ad 1 , id understand

  7. Im Not Using It Anymore…

  8. I only followed Chinesetakeouts directions. I Dont Need Fwebtraffic. Im Ok Now.

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