Don’t Use Fwebtraffic!

Ok, I’ve Been Hearing All This Stuff About Not Using Fwebtraffic. I’m Not Using Fwebtraffic Anymore. I’m Trying To Quit Fwebtraffic. I Only Use Tags For Our Hits. To Get Tags, Go To Your Choosen Post. To The Right, There Should Be A Widget That Says, ‘POST TAGS’. Choose Any Tags, such As Club Penguin Cheats Or Club Pegnuin. Then Save Your Post. Don’t Use Fwebtraffic! Trust Me! It’s Fake Hits! I Didn’t Know! :(



6 Responses

  1. I Stopped Using It! I’m Not Gonna Get Fake Hits Ok! I’m Clean! :( I’m Trying To Warn Others!

  2. dang ur right. dude we need to cover this up. IF PAINTBOY GOES TO THE WEBSITE THEN HE WILL SEE THE 6 LINKS AND WILL GET PEOPLE FASTER!

  3. Your doing the right thing Justrokstar

  4. OMG Woton1 was advertising it to , I told him that people were saying all they were are fake hits!

  5. Yes. He Has One Of The Greatest Sites.

  6. How Do You Quit How Do You Quit!?!!?!!?

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