Contest Winner!

Ok, Over 2,125 Comments Were Moderated And Only One Winner!

The Winner For The Rare Penguin Is…



Congrats! All I Need Is Your E-mail And Donuts Will Give It To You!


14 Responses

  1. did i win

  2. Ok :D My E-Mail Is
    Thank You Soooooo Much :D

  3. I Commented 1,736 Times!!!!

  4. Good job makee! congrats!

  5. Ummmmm, I’m Waiting Lol.

  6. Makee. Did You Get E-mail From Donuts?

  7. Yes.
    But The Penguin Is Being Hacked Into!
    Will You pleeeeeeeeeeae make him a new password?

  8. Hm… I Can’t. Idk How Donuts Are Winning These Pengs… Donuts Can’t Change The Pass Too

  9. Ok But Please Give Me Your Parent Account Pass By E-Mail.

  10. I Submitted over 1,500 comments!!!

  11. So Can You Pleeeeeeeeease Give Me A Peng That Nobody Knows The Pass For Pleeeease?

  12. Good job Vincento2

  13. Hello Justrokstar Its me Marty. Ok So i was wondering you make cool widgets. Can u show me how to make some. I tried everything on Google sites. Can u please help me. E-mail me At

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