Superbowl 43!

Ready For The Biggest Event Of The Year? I Am! :D I’ve Been Waiting For The Next Superbowl. And It’s Finally Here! The Teams Going To Tampa Bay Is, The Cardinals And The Steelers! I Wanted The Bears To Go To Tampa Again… (2006 Super Bowl Against Colts…) But Im Going With The Steelers This Year! Who Do You Want To Win The Superbowl?

And This Is My New Member Penguin. Thanks To Millionare The Beta!


Find Me At The Dock Of Frozen. But I’ll Still Be On My Main Penguin :p

Don’t Forget To Tune In Our 1 Month Membership Contest For Anyone Who Always Wanted To Be a Member On Club Penguin! There Will Be Two Prizes!



5 Responses

  1. Is Anyone Gonna Watch It?

  2. im gonna watch i want the steelers to win

  3. i am go cards

  4. go cardinals!

  5. No JRS cards all the way!!!!! :D

    ~Calig998 :D

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