Calling it quits…

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to quit. There’s no other way to go now. Many of my friends. And besides… Club Penguin is boreing and useless now.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me during this year.

Foohey Boy- Sorry if I haven’t talked.

Slip- Ha ha, we had great laughs.

Tiny Clover- You were a great friend! :D

Makee3- Makee, keep up with the great work man, thanks for your help.

Pjtaz97- Thanks for all the help you gave me.

Caligirl998- Thanks for helping the site!

Woton1- Thanks for adding me. I’m sorry if I didn’t post though.

Chetlu671- Hope you didnt quit yet. We had great times working together.

Iluvtwinkies- Your a cool person. I remember we used to hang out.

Cid- Your a great friend.

Shimbo- Thanks for everything!

Clayton- Keep it up with the videos!

Donuts11- Thanks for everything. Without your help, I would have not found this hobby.

And thanks to everyone else who I didn’t mention.


My real name: Jared Escobar

Video editing- Sony Vegas7

Picture editing- Photoshop CS3


17 Responses

  1. Bye Justrokstar! (aka Jared Escobar)
    You dont know how much I will miss you…
    Club Penguin without you will never be the same!
    I aint the best with Good-Bye’s,
    But I want you know know that everyone will miss you greatly!

    Good luck with life,

  2. Justrokstar…….

    I can’t beleive it, I know you said yu were going to quit in May but I didn’t beleive you……

    I will add your Yahoo E-Mail to my contacts so I can keep in touch with you,
    Please exept it.

    I really don’t want this to be goodbye forever.


  3. I’ll except anyone adding me on AIM or yahoo. I’ll be on sometimes. ;)

  4. My AIM Is: justrokcp

  5. this stinx your quittin

  6. :(

  7. I hope you will stay on Xat chat :(

  8. Cya… forever…
    Mabe I should quit?
    Waddle on! Well, I guess you wont be waddleing anymore…
    ~ im a ligor ~

  9. I’ll still be on xat. :P

  10. im hate to say goodbye too you :(
    Im close TDM and soon make a video.
    im will say one thing
    Bye from me and Tirsa

  11. hey justrokstar i was bummed out that you were quitting but we can email each other!! :0 :)

  12. well sorry for not viewing in a while :cry: cya

  13. OMG!!! My friend’s last name is Escobar!! Do you live on long Island NY?

  14. Y did u delete me on Cp?
    Oh and u can email me at

  15. :( yea we had some good laughs… random dancing for example. :)
    I will miss you. Thank you for everything… especially for being there for me when no one else was… I appreciate it more than you know.

  16. OMG YOU QUIT! ill miss u buddy

  17. Times been changing eh?

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