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Justsammyj, Jacobi9, Brendani7 will be taking over the site.
Check out his main site at

132 Brendani7 Jacobi9


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  1. Nice, welcome sammy :D

  2. Hey! I’ts me! I just wanted for you to know I’m still alive. I STILL PLAY CLUBPENGUIN.-As I said on my last post. I quit my blog. My life is totally different. I am playing football and the practices are 5 days a week. Therefore I will be on Clubpenguin only on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. I hope to meet up with you soon on cp!

  3. please dont post let this site rest in peace……

  4. I’ve blogged for over a year, I am getting tired with it, but intend to blog for two more years. IDK if I will make it.

  5. Speaking of a new poster, I am working on a gardena chill out hat. I’ll have it done by june.

  6. Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you of my quitting party. It is currently schedualed for June 10th, 3 to 4 PM PST, Mukluk at the dock and there will be recording, pictures, find-four, mancala, and contests (like costume contests). I will also be putting all the names of everyone that came into a hat and pulling out someone and giving them 6 new penguins! :D
    If you want to see all this stuff relayed again, please visit:

  7. My quitting party date has changed! The info is all on my site:

  8. My quitting party has changed one LAST time! It is now on Sunday June 14th, on mukluk, at the dock, from 10 AM PST until 11 AM PST.. I hope everyone can make it! To see the rest of the info (plus the little “bonus”) look at:
    (Aka Sliperslidin)

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