Sensei Spotted In Club Penguin!

Hey Guys,

Guess who I found, Sensei… One of my friends told me on chat to go on Server Polar Bear and go to the Ninja Hideout so I did but the Dojo Courtyard was full so I kept on trying and I got in but when I tried to go into the Ninja Hideout it was full to and like 5 minutes later I got in and checked the user in room list and it said Sensei and so I saw him in a huge crowed of (NINJAS)…Cool huh…And if you still haven’t met him yet then please go here:Http://, and i’ll help you find him so you and your friend will be able to get to meet him and get his background too. Check out these pics that I took Sensei…Enjoy!…

sensei dock

You cannot see Sensei because every ninja is blocking him…But you could see the Playercard and Users In room list too! Here are the rest!

Sensei dock0

Here is Senseis playercard up closer! ;) .

sensei dock1

And here is a pic of the Users in room up closer! Well tell me what you think of Sensei and tell me if you have met him or not…Ok…Well bye,

Rock On!

– Pjtaz97


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