Issue #197

Hey Guys,

Newspaper is out and there also a Penguin Tales writing contest too! Here is the info you need to know!!! LOL


Well the Music jam Party will be ending July 26th :( I really don’t want the Music jam to end!!! :cry:


And for the “Vote For The New Color” comes out Friday!


Now for the Penguin Tales writing contest you will see this page in the news and if your going to Publish a Penguin Tale story you will have to click the “SUBMIT” button!!!


WOO HOO! we reached the events lol ok as you can see here there’s only 2 events coming, Well that’s boring only 2 events all of us want more events!! Right? But the new penguin style catalog  is one of the Good events that I like!!! Well tell me what you all think of the newspaper.

In Other News: The Series 3 Coin Code Contest will be ending Friday and that’s tomorrow. And yes I will be announcing the the WINNER of the series 3 coin code contest tomorrow!!! Bye,

Rock On!

– Pjtaz97


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