Pjtaz97’s T-Shirt!

Hey Guys,

Guess what, well you might already now that I was going to the beach (It said it on my twitter) well do you want to know what I brought back from the beach? Its my very own Pjtaz97 T-Shirt!!! Here’s a pic that I took of it (I wanted everyone to see this lol) anyways check it out!


Cool huh, well to bad I couldn’t make my own shirts to sell that would be a great idea so everyone of you could have a shirt like mine :D . If anyone of you has any better ideas then please let me know, and leave a comment of what you think of my shirt!! THANKS well that’s what I have to say, Bye!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Pjtaz. If you don’t mind I let my cousin use my penguin just to create a new video. Don’t worry it will only take a week just to create. Your doing great on the blog man keep up the great work! ;)


  2. There are several sites that let you make your own shirt and sell it.
    I have my own! The one I use is http://customlink.com

    -Makee3 a.k.a. The Great Chasers

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