Help Wanted!

Hey Guys,

I know I keep putting this site off (what I mean as off is that im saying new stuff is coming, well its not going to happen) I been extremely busy on my site, I really need you  guys help, if you have a site, and you don’t mind, you can work on this site as an author, well you do not have to have a site in order to work on this site, anyways if you still would like to help, Please, please, volunteer by leave your Name, Email, and your website (dont have to put your site if you dont want) well thanks, bye,

Peace Out!



4 Responses

  1. Hey long time no see!
    I just posted a long article and I’de like you to check it out!

  2. pip plup 2

  3. Name: 1 C U P

    Please email me or add me as soon as possible and i promise ill try my hardest.
    I am known for my pictures ;-)

  4. already work here ;)

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