Coins For Change!

Hey everyone!

Save all your spare coins, because the Coins for Change is coming again on December 11th and will last until the 20th!

What does this program do?

The Coins for Change is a program where many virtual coins are donated. Every donation of coins from Club Penguin allows you to choose what the $1 million donation will be divided. The categories for this year is:

  • Helping kids who are poor
  • Helping who are sick
  • Helping the environment

What will you do with the coins this year? Will you be able to help?


2 Responses

  1. What do you all think of this post?

  2. Hey! :D AWESOME Website! I was hoping you could come to my party! (ABOUT 500 PENGUINS WERE INVITED!) Here’s the info:

    DATE: December 3 (Thursday)
    TIME: 5:00 PM PST
    SERVER: Sherbet
    ROOM: Dock

    Cdecker81 will be giving out 1 FREE FIRE JITSU CARD CODE, and ONE SERIES 5 COIN CODE to 2 Lucky penguins that come to the party! Some special guests will be arriving at the party also! I will take party pictures and feature penguins on my website: http:/www.ClubPenguinGalaxy.Com See you there!

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