Newest Penguin

Hey everyone,

My old main penguin Justrokstar has been banned forever lately thanks to Donuts. (Thank you cousin…) My old penguin was about to become 2 years by the end of this week. Apparently not. So, thank you to Pjtaz97, a great friend kindly lend me one of his penguins: Eninem. (What a nice name :D) Now I will be using him as a replacement of my old penguin.

R.I.P my old penguin… So I need to re-add all my buddies. Half of them I really can’t… Many of them had quitted quite a while ago. So if you see me wandering around please do add me back.



2 Responses

  1. I should be getting my membership very soon again.

  2. :) hey jrs im really sad what happen to ur pengy it was a good pengy too :( wait a second i remember something u mite not believe this i do have a few pengys u mite like to its kind of like the same as ur Justrockstar with the c and Mlkel myers with an L tomorrow we can talk on chat but srry to hear that ur pengy got banned forever :(

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