Medieval Party 10′ Cheats

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar for another post of the Medieval Party in Club Penguin! There are a few guides in this party. It’s enjoyable for both non-members and members. Its heavily decorated throughout the whole island!

You can receive the free item, the Wizard hat at the Lighthouse.

  1. Open your map and head to the Beach.
  2. Go inside the Lighthouse.

There are two quests for members only, at the Underground Pool. To get there, you may click on one of the posts that have been posted around Club Penguin. Or you can follow these simple directions.

  1. Open up your map and head to the Mine Shack.
  2. Go inside the Mine Shack.
  3. Head to the next entrance toward the Underground Pool.

There are two quests for members, the first one is a maze that will require you to finish some challenges as you go on.

Ye Knights Quest 1:

  1. Go through the gated entrance.
  2. Make your way to the small platforms near the orb to light them up. Make sure you light all 5 orbs to open the gate.
  3. Receive your next item: Staff and Shield.
  4. Using the “T” key on your keyboard, throw snowballs at 50 targets to open up the next door. Be in a group so it will be much more easier to complete.
  5. You will begin to start the maze. Make sure you follow all these directions to completely finish the maze. If you get lost, click on the hints to find your way through the quest. There is a free item for you to receive: Iron Helmet.

Follow these directions to the finish:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

There you go! You will be taken to the finish and able to receive the Iron Armour.

Ye Knights Quest 2:

  1. Enter through the Underground Pool and enter the gated entrance that says: “Ye Knights Quest 2”
  2. You need to use your “T” key on your keyboard and aim at the flames to open the next entrance. Bring some friends to help you out with this quest!
  3. Now you will be directed to another room, this time you will need to navigate the key to the keyhole to open the next entrance. I can’t give you the guide for this since all of the mazes are different.  Just use your mouse and click on the arrows to move the key into the keyhole.
  4. Receive your next item: Noble Horse
  5. Make your way through the next entrance. You will be encountering a dragon.
  6. To defeat the dragon and enter the treasure room, you will need to follow these directions below.
  1. Use your “T” key on your keyboard and fill the small bucket with water. You need to do this quickly before the dragon will use his fire breath to evaporate the water!
  2. When you completley fill the bucket with water, hit the small green button near the water cannon. ONLY HIT THE BUTTON WHEN THE DRAGON IS ABOUT TO FIRE BREATH.
  3. When you successfully attacked the dragon, throw a snowball at the Dragon and it will open the gate door automatically.

You may receive the free items, Toothbrush pin and the furniture item, the Dragon’s gold.

It’s a good party so far! What do you think about the Medieval party? Comment below!



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  1. Pretty cool!

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