Club Penguin HQ Filled With Popcorn!

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar and if you have not noticed yet, the whole PSA Headquarters is now completely destroyed from the latest mission: “The Veggie Monster!” If you still haven’t finished the mission yet, click here!

Now, if you have finished the newest mission, Herbert had placed a explosive-popcorn-bomb inside the Headquarters. It has now destroyed both the Winter Sports shop and the Headquarters. Check out the Ski Village!

It’s filled with popcorn! Feel free to eat all of it if you like! Here’s the inside of the Winters Sport Shop.

If you wanted to enter the HQ through the Winter Sports Shop, you would need to become a PSA Agent. Look inside the HQ! It’s destroyed!

Notice there is a sign there! It says: “Eat all the popcorn”, “Plan to catch Herbert” and “Find a new HQ soon”. Does that mean we will be building another HQ soon? Comment!

– Justrokstar ;)


One Response

  1. HOW DO HYOU EAT THE POP CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooh yumy pop corn

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