Club Penguin Sports Shop Closing!

Hey everyone!

The Sports Shop has been around in the Ski Village ever since Club Penguin has first launched. In the latest newspaper, the topic was mostly about the Soccer field returning to Club Penguin. But if you read closely, the Penguin Times have mentioned the Sports Shop would be closing.

Here is what that highlighted paragraph says:

“Construction penguins will be doing some more evaluating. but it looks like the Sports Shop will definitely be closing for good. There was structural damage from all the popcorn!”

Even if the Sports Shop will be closing down, all the catalogs will be moved to the Soccer Field!

It’s the end of the Sports Shop, oh well. We always will have the Soccer Field on May 28th!

– Justrokstar ;)


2 Responses

  1. ok, look if the sport shop is closing thats fine with me. i have left a million comments and questions for aunt arctic about when the sportshop will put new clothes for penguins to buy. but noo they never do! i get really mad after a while because i love buying new clothes for my penguin but i never can because the sportshop never has new clothes. i bought everything on clubpenguin, every single piece of clothing but the sports catalog hasnt changed sense february! if its really going to close just put one last clothing in there so we can buy it. not like you can do that! thanks bye :)

  2. hey i think they should open it because i really want a new swimsuit ugh! plz open sports shop plz!!!

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