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Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar and last week the Club Penguin team asked what was the most difficult problem agents faced either on the missions or something else. Rosie906 had said:

Well, I know this information is classified, but the hardest mission I ever solved was avalanche rescue. I was allowed to skip it though, so I moved onto the next one. Soon I was finished all the missions except that one! I decided to solve it once and for all. I went to the HQ, and solved the mission! It turned out it was easier than I thought! The trick is not to think too deeply. Be remarkable, be reliable, be ready! Good luck agents!

Now this week, Club Penguin asks this week is what are you and your friends doing to help around Club Penguin? If you comment at the Club Penguin blog you will be able to receive 10,000 coins to your account! Go there now!

– Justrokstar


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  1. Pretty cool right?

    – Justrokstar ;)

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