Club Penguin Joining EPF!

Hey everyone!

EPF is now out for you to join! It’s pretty simple to enter the agency and pass the test! Just follow the directions below! Attention: You need to become an agent first. Or check out the video guide!

1. Log in to Club Penguin to any server and room.

2. Click on your old Spy Phone, and you will notice a message from the EPF! Click on “Go There!”

3. It will take you to a room with a telephone inside. The telephone is ringing. Pick up the phone. Then hit the target with a snowball.

4. You will have to take several tests to pass! It’s simple to do! It will ask you to step on the green button! Waddle to the green button. Sorry for switching penguins!

5. Now quickly waddle to the red button! Go quickly because they will be timing you!

6. It will ask you to hide away from both the green and red button. So head to the middle of the room.

7. You will need to hide from the cameras. Remember there are 2 cameras in the room so be careful. Hide in the left wall, even though camera 2 can see you. Not sure where to hide without the cameras finding you.

8. Now you will need to “walk” into the blue button. Don’t go into the blue button. It’s a trap! Just stay still at where you are.

9. It will calculate your results, you need at least 4/5 check to pass the EPF test! If you pass you can enter the EPF command room!

Too bad there are no free items here, but you get a huge update with your own Spy Phone! It’s more advanced than the last! Check it out!

– Justrokstar ;)


3 Responses

  1. Kinda cool right?
    – Justrokstar ;)

  2. to avoid camera 2 throw a snowball at it ;)

  3. To avoid both cameras u thro a snowball at camera two and hide so camera 1 can’t see u

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