No More PSA Test!

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar and remember those tests we would need to pass to enter the PSA? It’s no longer available since EPF has been released on the island! Now when you click on the Moderator badge on the top-right corner of the screen this will show up!

That’s weird! I wonder how new players will join the EPF agency now! What do you think?

– Justrokstar ;)


2 Responses

  1. You can still take the EPF test. Just go back to the homepage and just simply look for the EPF test video!

  2. the reason they removed the the PSA test was because the PSA doesn’t exist anymore(I know, I know, everyone else already knows). and for now the way new penguins join is they get an invitation postcard. but you’re right, what happens when those postcards are gone? maybe they just don’t want millions of secret agents like last time.

    Eninem: You do have a good point! Nice theory!

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