New Club Penguin Elite Gear!

Hey everyone!

If you still have not completed Field Ops just yet, click here!

When the Field Ops had been released, Elite Gear had also been released on your Spy Gadget. Check it out! Just open up your Spy Gadget and click on the little badge on the upper left side corner of the device. It’s highlighted in this picture below.

When you click on it, the gadget will turn sideways and a menu will pop up with different types of clothing!

And the special feature about Elite Gear is you need to buy the clothing by using the medals your earn from the mini-missions on Field Ops!

Here’s the pricing of the Elite Gear:

Starter Gear:

EPF Earpiece: 1 medal needed

Basic: Set Delta:

Delta Fedora: 2 medals needed

Delta Shades: 1 medal needed

Delta Suit: 4 medals needed

Delta Sneaks: 3 medals needed

Basic Set Alpha:

The Alpha: 2 medals needed

Alpha Shades: 1 medal needed

Alpha Suit: 4 medals needed

Alpha Pumps: 3 medals needed

– Eninem ;)


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