New EPF Agent Field Ops Cheats!

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem, the Club Penguin EPF wants you to report to the EPF Headquarters right now for the newest weekly assignment! Here is your guide for the EPF mini-mission.

1. Use your EPF Phone Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters.
2. Open at the HQ, go to the screen where it says: “Field OPS”. Waddle towards the screen and click on it.

A message will pop up telling you that Agent G has given you a mission telling that Herbert has held a device near a letter “S”.

3. Use your map and go to the Town. Walk to the side of the Night Club and your Spy Phone will ring. Click on it. You have found the device.

4. You will need to now disarm the object. To disarm it you need to match the shapes of one of the red button to the other. To find out what shape it is, hover your mouse over the button. It’s like playing the memory game! You need to hurry or it will be too late!

5. When you have successfully disarmed the device, you receive a EPF badge! Congrats!

You can use these medals to buy new stuff at the EPF Command Room!

NOTE: These items on the Elite Gear is available for non-members as well! Thanks Donuts for the info!

– Eninem ;)


One Response

  1. It was a fun mini mission! But it was pretty tough to find! Do you like it?

    – Eninem ;)

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