Rockhopper Arriving Club Penguin!

Hey everyone!

Attention: If you have not finished Field OPS, there has been a new page added.

Again, If you have not finished Field Op, click here!

It looks like Rockhopper saw the fireworks from the Beach! I guess he will be joining us for the adventure party! It will be a blast with Rockhopper!

He’s far away for now but by the time he comes, everyone will be excited for his arrival! Now, I have created a awesome new Rockhopper Tracker that will probably stay on the top of the website for this week. Check the tracker out!

It will not be animated for many reasons and some I cannot explain. One of the reasons are, I already have the rooms and servers set up when Rockhopper has been found. So when I do upload the widget, you won’t have to wait for me coding.

I can’t wait for Rockhopper what about you?

– Eninem ;)


One Response

  1. Rockhopper is visiting Club Penguin!

    – Eninem ;)

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