Club Penguin Maroon Outfit Cheats!

Hey everyone!

The new Club Penguin Island Adventure party has transformed the whole island with cool decoration! Members get exclusive access to a special room near the Forest! Here’s how to get there.

1. Use your map and head to the Forest.

2. Climb up the ladder on the tree.

3. Waddle towards the Maroon Outfit!

Do you like the party so far?

– Eninem ;)


One Response

  1. Hello, you have been invited to me and my sister RedDecker4’s Club Penguin Party tomorrow (SATURDAY), and if you come, you could win a COIN CODE! Here are the details:

    Date: June 19th (Saturday)

    Time: 4:00 P.M. (SNOW FORT TIME)

    Server: Grizzly

    Room: Lighthouse!

    Tons of penguins are coming to play games, have fun, and try to win a Coin Code! Expect full rooms and TONS of fun! If you can come, leave a comment at my site so I can put you in the drawing for the Coin Code. See you there!

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