Club Penguin Kraken Found at Iceberg!

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem, I have made a huge discovery at the Iceberg! There has been sightings of a huge squid appearing around the Iceberg. It looks exactly the same as the Squid in the Puffle Rescue game! Check it out! Notice the squid is right near the chat bar.

And in the picture, you can notice the squid is near the Aqua Grabber!

Do you think the Squid will do anything around the island? Will it affect EPF or even Rockhopper’s arrival? Comment!

– Eninem ;)


3 Responses

  1. I want to see what might happen to the Squid?

    – Eninem ;)

  2. Hey Eninem your Favorite fan here i think the squid will have a new game I made a name for it to!

    Squid Hunt! What do you think?Well rock on : )

    Eninem: I think that’s a good game! Probably they’ll make the game!

    – Eninem ;)

  3. Microchip here I have found the recovery of the squid as well.
    Visit my site for more info.go down to the bottom of my page and press older

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