Club Penguin Field Ops #2 Cheats

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem and the new Field OPS #2 is here! Here’s how to complete Field OPS #2.

Here is a video tutorial:

1. Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters.

2. Walk towards the Field OPS Screen and accept Gary’s orders.

3. Use your map and head to the Mountain. Walk near the Ski Post.

4. Click on your Spy Gadget and use your arrow keys to maneuver your Spy Gadget to the ports. Be careful you will need to keep recharging your Spy Gadget every time you are hurt or have visited each port. You might need to find the key to enter a certain port!

5. When you have successfully finished you will receive a badge for your hard work! If you have kept your badge from last week you now have two!

I wonder what they will do for next weeks Field OPS. Do you like this weeks mission?

-Eninem ;)


6 Responses

  1. not right one

  2. THanks that helped:-D

  3. my arrow keys dont function; the micro battery moves by itself. and the game lags as well.

  4. it doent work dudeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. I hope it works coz if it don’t i will cry
    MOUSIE! <:3( )~~

  6. good add vice

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