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New Club Penguin Login Screen!

Hey everyone!

Have you noticed the Club Penguin Login  screen today? There’s a new one based on the new upcoming Adventure Party on June 18th!

Pretty cool right?

– Justrokstar ;)

Lots coming!

Will be updating this site for now on!

Hey its taz, whats up?, anyways, there is a new update on the cp blog, its about the new furniture catalog thats coming out later this month! And theres a sneak peek of what one of the new igloos going to look like! To me it looks like a CAVE, VOLCANO, or even the Mine (thats hidden underground!), So anyways Check out this pic!

Well like always let me know what do you think this igloo is? Cave?…Mine?….VOLCANO?…… Well you can just guest, I don’t know what it is either, Bye for now!

~Taz Http://clubpenguinproviders.com/ Owner!

Coins For Change!

Hey everyone!

Save all your spare coins, because the Coins for Change is coming again on December 11th and will last until the 20th!

What does this program do?

The Coins for Change is a program where many virtual coins are donated. Every donation of coins from Club Penguin allows you to choose what the $1 million donation will be divided. The categories for this year is:

  • Helping kids who are poor
  • Helping who are sick
  • Helping the environment

What will you do with the coins this year? Will you be able to help?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hey everyone!

Happy Turkey day or Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! Anyone seen the Thanksgiving Macy parade this morning?

What’s everyone doing for this Thanksgiving holiday? Anyone going to hangout with their family?

Help Wanted!

Hey Guys,

I know I keep putting this site off (what I mean as off is that im saying new stuff is coming, well its not going to happen) I been extremely busy on my site, I really need you  guys help, if you have a site, and you don’t mind, you can work on this site as an author, well you do not have to have a site in order to work on this site, anyways if you still would like to help, Please, please, volunteer by leave your Name, Email, and your website (dont have to put your site if you dont want) well thanks, bye,

Peace Out!