Dance Contest

Dance Contest can be played anytime in the Night Club on Club Penguin. Cadence introduced this game on June 2009.

All players can play one of the 6 different songs: The Generic Way, Penguin Band Boogie, Patrick’s Jig, Go West, Let’s Bounce and Epic Win.

For members there is an option for you playing in a multi-player Dance Contest.

How to Play Dance Contest:

Single Player: Bust your own moves at the Night Club listening to the beats of the music and having a great time.

Multi-player (Members only): Only for members, this mode allows you to compete against other penguins showing off their dance skills.

Dance Contest Cheats:

If you have a Purple puffle, bring it along with you in the next time you play Dance Contest. Your Purple puffle will help you earn more points as you dance!

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