DJ3K can be played anytime at the Night Club on Club Penguin. The game was first introduced at June 2009!

DJ3K allows players to create their own beats and music on Club Penguin! How cool does that sound? For everyone, you can play the Classic music track. But for members there are more choices for them to play: Funky, Jungle, Festival and Classic from purchasing the tracks from the Night Club Catalog.

How to play DJ3K:

The goal is very simple in this mini-game. Go to the Night Club and waddle over to the DJ system at the top. Click on the left stereo to get started! Choose a music track to start the game. Use your mouse to control the sound and beats of the track! Have fun with it!

DJ3K Cheats:

For members you can purchase different tracks at the Night Club! Just walk over to the small carton filled with CDs.

Play around with the equipment as you play DJ3K. The goal is to create the best beat from the track and the equipment to make your penguin happy.

You can leave the penguin do nothing for around 5 minutes. If you close the game right after, you get over 250 coins!

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