Puffle Rescue

You can play the game “Puffle Rescue” at the Mine in Club Penguin! Just walk toward the bulletin board to get started.

How to play Puffle Rescue:

Use your directional keys on your keyboard to control your penguin through the obstacles.

In the Puffle Rescue, there are three different kinds of games you can play. Two of them are used for members only though.

How to Play Puffle Rescue:

This game is quite similar to the game Frogger, like Frogger the goal for this game is to find your way to the puffle and back to the starting point. Be careful, there are many obstacles like drifting ice, sharks and etc. You will always start with 3 lives and start at level 1. As you go on, the game becomes more challenging and tougher obstacles to maneuver

As you retrieve the puffle, make sure you go back to the start/finish line. The black and white checkered flag is where you should drop off the puffle. If you do fall, you will be placed back to the checkered flags, either black or blue.

When you have brought back your puffle and start another level, your number of lives increase by one. It’s good to have an extra life at the second level. By the second level, red bumpers will be placed at the end of the screen to push you off if you stay on the drifting ice for too long.

More obstacles will be added once you have finished each level. So please be aware of that.

For the Pink Puffle rescue which is for members only, you need to save the puffle by jumping onto mining carts and loose pieces of wood. If you fall, you will need to start the level again on either the black and white checkered flag or blue flag.

In the Black Puffle Mission, you need to swim quickly to save the Black Puffle. Be careful, if you stay too long in the water you can drown and lose a life. The easiest way to retrieve the puffle is to jump on the small light blue islands to prevent drowning.

Also in this version, there is a secret pin hidden in the coral. To find it, rescue the black puffle but do not return to the black and white checkered flag. Stay there until you see a shadow of a squid passing by. Follow the squid by jumping on the air bubble trail. Be careful, you need to be quick to do this, if not, you will need to start all over again. Stop hopping on the air bubbles when you notice a blue tile near the green reefs. Swim to the right until you find the stairs! Walk in there and you will find a secret room and the pin! Thanks Chrisdog93 for the picture.

If you pick up the pin, it will allow you to visit the secret room from the Hidden Lake!

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