Become an EPF Agent

Log-in to Club Penguin and go to any server and room.

Make sure you have a postcard in your Penguin Mail regarding about the EPF Agency. Click on “Go There” If you do not have the postcard, ask a friend who has passed the EPF test to send you a EPF postcard.

Here is the video walkthrough on becoming an EPF Agent:

When you arrive at the facility make sure you click on the telephone that is ringing. A red target will show up near the top-right corner of the screen, throw a snowball at the target by using the “T” key on your keyboard.

The television will appear and will give you several directions. It will say walk to the green square. The green square is located on the bottom-right of the screen. Make sure you waddle toward the green button.

The next directions is to run toward the red button. Go quickly as you can!

You will need to walk away from both of the green and red buttons. The cameras will soon shut off and you need to find a nice hiding place so the cameras would not find you. To hide from Camera 1, hide behind the bottom left pillar completely. To hide from Camera 2, throw a snowball at the lens of the camera.

A trap will be made, do not walk onto the trap! It’s pretty obvious. Now lets calculate the results.

You should get a perfect score and will be able to EPF Agency! Just enter EPF elevator to enter HQ!

You will receive the Spy Gadget!

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