Become a Fire Ninja:

If you have become a Black Belt Ninja, you can now continue your ninja journey and become a Fire Ninja! Here’s your Club Penguin guide to become a Fire Ninja:

Club Penguin Fire Ninja Cheats:

1. Use your map and click on the Dojo Courtyard.

2. Go to the Ninja Hideout.

3. Enter the volcano by click on the “Fire Stone” on the left. You need to become a member to enter the volcano.

5. You will need to talk to Sensei. As you talk to Sensei you will receive another deck of cards for Card-Jitsu Fire.

6. The concept of Card-Jitsu Fire is to select the highest number of the card you chose. When playing, there will either be 1-5 other players you will be playing against. In the middle there is stones that spin around when a player selects one of the stones.

7. Two stones on the game board will be chosen and you will need to select either one of the elements: Snow, Water, or Fire.

8. If landing in on either fire, water or snow, select the highest number from one of your 6 cards in your deck. Whoever has the highest card will keep their energy while the other players lose one energy.

9. If a player lands on a stone with another penguin on it or lands on the stone with the two cards clashing together the two players will need to do a Card-Jitsu battle. When one loses, the loser will lose his or hers energy and the winner will receive the opponents energy.

The object of Card-Jitsu Fire is to drain out all of your opponents energy to 0. To earn energy you will need to go against one of the players in a Card-Jitsu battle. Losing the battle can drain out one energy.

Here is the legend of the Fire Items you will need to obtain.

When you have earned all of the Fire items you will need to challenge Sensei to receive your Red Gem. It does take a few tries until he does become weaker.

There’s a cool dance as well when you have received all of the Fire items. Just wear all of the items you earned and press “D” on your keyboard!

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