Become Ninja

How to become a ninja:

Hey everyone! This page will be showing you how to become a ninja on Club Penguin! Let’s get started!

1. Login to Club Penguin and to any server. I suggest you to enter servers that are heavily populated with players. That way you can have more chances to have a battle with different people.

2. Open up your map and click on Dojo Courtyard.

3. Enter through the big two doors. You have entered the famous Dojo!

4. Talk to Sensei who is waiting for you. Just walk near the gate that says: “Card-Jitsu”.

5. When you start talking with Sensei, you will receive your first starter deck of cards for Card-Jitsu.

6. Now here is how you play Card-Jitsu:

6.1 When you compete another player you will both have 5 cards available to choose from. Choose one card and wait for your opponent to choose. Remember you only get 25 seconds to choose a card! Don’t forget to choose your card wisely!

6.2 There are different elements to choose! Water,Fire and Snow! But when it comes to battling  there will always be one card that will win.

6.2.1 Remember that Snow beats Water.

6.2.2 Remember that Water beats Fire.

6.2.3 Remember that Fire beats Snow.

6.3 If the same card types are drawn, the highest number wins!

7. To win the match, you need to have at least 3 different types of cards and different colors.


You can have at least 3 same types of cards but with different colors.

9. The number of wins for each belt:

White belt – 5-7 wins

Yellow belt – Estimated 7-13 more wins

Orange belt – Estimated 8-14 more wins

Green belt – Estimated 9-15 more wins

Blue belt – Estimated 10-16 more wins

Red belt – Estimated 12-17 more wins

Purple belt – Estimated 13-18 more wins

Brown belt – Estimated 14-19 more wins

Black belt – Estimated 15-20 more wins.

The white belt is the lowest belt, while as you keep progressing on with the game, the black belt is the highest belt in rank.

10. When you have received your Black Belt, talk to Sensei and challenge him! Don’t feel discouraged when you first battle him. He may have more cards than you, but there is a secret in defeating the Sensei. Lose (2-5) matches on purpose. He will soon become much more easier to defeat, despite the fact he has more power cards.

12. When you have defeated Sensei and received the Ninja Headband, you will be granted to enter the Ninja Hideout anytime you want! Just go outside of the Dojo, into the Dojo Courtyard and click on the Stone Enterance.

Now you can basically do anything you want in there!

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