Mission 11

1. Talk to Gary, tell him that you’re ready for the next mission.

2. At this point, Gary will be talking about the seeds found. Make sure you click on “Flower Seeds” and then “Corn Seeds” in the same order.

3. Use the map and head to the Town. Go inside the Gift Shop where Rookie is waiting for you. Talk to Rookie and pick up the yellow corn seeds on the floor.

4. Go upstairs of the Gift Shop and talk to the Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the yellow corn seeds under the desk.

5. Go back to the HQ, use your map and head to the Ski Village. Go into the Sports Shop and enter the first curtain of the dressing room to enter the HQ.

6. There is something wrong with the screens, talk to Gary. The HQ screens will shut-off and Herbert will be on the screen you will have a conversation with him.

7. Go to the Lighthouse, pick up the CD underneath the piano.  Find a rag and bottle on the speaker, pick it up. It will be important. Combine both the bottle and the rag to clean the CD.

EXTRA (optional): If you want to receive the Black Goggles, go back to the Lighthouse and onto the right look for a small can and place it into your inventory.

Extra 2: Next go to the Beacon and talk to Rory, who is trying to repair the telescope. Use your map and head to the Docks, fill the empty can with the water at the Docks.

Extra 3: Go to the PSA Headquarters and into the Gadget Room. When you enter, head to the left and look for the Test Chamber. Place the can that is filled water and pull the red lever. When the can is in there, press on the “SNOW” symbol. When done, take the ice and hand it to Rory who is waiting in the Beacon.

Extra 4: When you gave the ice lens to Rory, take the broken telescope lens. Go back to the Ski Village and hand the broken telescope lens to the Brown penguin.

8. Use your map and go to the Ski Village, you will see a theater there. Click on the DVD player behind Herbert talking on the screen. Click on the DVD player and placed the clean CD in the DVD player.

10. You will still hear Herbert talking, so go back to the DVD player and find the electrical box with the screws on it. Use the wrench in your Spy Phone and unscrew the screws. There is a code needed for the box, use the four different colors. When you check the code, there will be colored rings around the button. Red means: Wrong Color/Wrong Location; Yellow means: Right Color/Wrong Location; Green means: Right Color/Right Location. The colors are different for everyone.

11.  At the Mine, head to the Corn Room and follow the corn trail. If you find the pieces of paper, pick them up. If you find wood,pick the wood up. Use your map, and start again with the maze. You need to follow the popcorn trails, using your letter you have recovered use that to find your way to the river.

Here’s the picture instructions to get to the river:

1. Go to the path near the water can.

2. Go to the path near the corn seeds.

3. Go to the path near the fertilizer.

4. Go to the path near the Hot Sauce can.

5. Go to the path near the Coffee Bean bag.

10. You will be stuck near a river. Use the wood to get pass the river. You will notice a ladder, use the corn to make the ladder lower so you can climb it.

12. Herbert will be up there laughing, un-plug his computer to be send back to the HQ. There is a bomb in the room. Click on the orange book and solve the puzzle.

Congrats! You finished Mission 11! You get to receive your awards and special gift.

If you did the “extra” help on this mission you will receive a Snow Globe from Dot. Click on the button for the Spy Glasses. Click on it to receive it.

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