Mission 03

1. Talk to Rookie who is already in front of the Gift Shop safe. Rookie a the newest member of the PSA, he will be discussing about the missing coins in the Gift Shop safe. He closes the doors by accident and cannot open the door of the safe.

2. To find the combination, go to the office which is on the right side. When you’re upstairs head to the right and look for the sofa which is past the computer. Click underneath the sofa and collect the Paper Clip and Computer Disk.

3. Go back to the computer and click on the screen to zoom in. Take the disk you have found underneath the sofa and place it inside the small disk slot. Click on the “Power Button” to turn on the computer.

4. It will start loading, when it finally loads; click on “My Files”. Then click on “Combination_Number”. It will show you the combination, make sure you write down the letter and the number on a separate piece of scrap paper! I cannot give you the exact number and letters since they can be in different orders. But this is what it should look like:

5. Go back downstairs to find Rookie and the Gift Shop safe again. Click on the safe to zoom in. Now to enter the combination numbers are a bit complicated. Think of a compass, there is North, South, East and West. Notice that the letters have: N (number), E (number), S (number) and W (number). Pretend the lock is like a compass. Place the numbers you got from the computer into the lock. Here was my numbers: N 1, E 6, S 1, and W 6.

6. The safe door will now open, click on the coins that are stuck on the roof. You will be talking to Rookie about why is the coins up there. Your Spy Phone will be ringing, and Gary wants you to come to the HQ. Use your Spy Phone and teleport to the the HQ. You will need to watch a video of the incident.

7. G will open the drawer with keys. Pick the key on the top-left of the drawer.

8. Go back to the Gift Shop and head upstairs to the Office. Go to the left and look for the door leading to the Rooftop. Use the key you retrieved from the drawer use it to open the door.

9. While at the roof top, look for the fur near the drain. Use your wrench to open up the boom box.

10. Go back downstairs and find Rookie. Talk to Rookie.

11. Go back to the HQ and talk to G. Give him the White fur you have found on the rooftop. Look for the flashlight he describes on the far right side near the books.

12. Use your map to go to the Night Club, when you get inside use the flashlight to find your way to the Boiler Room. Find the Fuse box on the wall.

13. When you click on the Fuse box, you will need to solve a puzzle. The goal is to click on the buttons to make all of the buttons turn green. It will take a while. One tip from me is to not click on the middle too often.

14. Go back to G at the HQ and you will receive the Mission 3 medal and a letter.

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