New Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field OPS Mission #5 Cheats!

Hey everyone,

The newest Club Penguin EPF Field OPS is here at Club Penguin! Here is the cheats for the newest Field OPS:

1. Use your Spy Gadget to teleport to the EPF Headquarters. Walk towards the Field Ops screen and accept Gary’s mission.

2. Go to the Forest and walk near the microphone for your device to ring. Click on your device.

3. This week’s mission requires you to destroy the circuits from the device hidden in the microphone. To deactivate the device you need to be able to match the shapes. For example: Triangle and Triangle or Circle to Circle. To see the shape, just hover your mouse over the red buttons. Hurry you only have a limited amount of time to solve the mission!

When you successfully completed destroying the circuits, you receive another badge for your hard work!

– Eninem ;)


Club Penguin New Music Jam Backstage Pass!

Club Penguin Band Tracking starts this Friday! Don’t forget to check out our tracker on Friday!

Click here for the newest EPF Field Ops Mission #4 Cheats!

Hey everyone!

I found something amazing you should check out! I was roaming around the Club Penguin website when I noticed this picture! The blue penguin is wearing a Music Jam pass, could this be the new Music Jam pass?

What do you think? It looks kinda of cool to me! I can’t wait for the Music Jam to arrive again!

– Eninem

Club Penguin EPF Field OPS Mission #4 Cheats!

Hey everyone!

I’m back from Canada and now the new EPF Field OPS Mission #4 has been released! Follow these directions to complete this weeks EPF assignment from Gary!

Video Tutorial:

1. Use your Spy Gadget to teleport to the EPF Headquarters. Walk towards the EPF Field OPS Screen. Accept Gary’s orders to be able to participate this mission.

2. Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the Ski Lodge Attic. Walk towards to the Red couch. Your gadget will ring, make sure you click on it!

3. You will need to use your arrow keys to navigate through the maze. Guide your Spy Gadget to the charging ports, be careful you will need to keep recharging your device from the starting point every time you  have visited the ports. Make sure to find the key along the way!

When you successfully completed this, you will receive another badge! Congrats!

– Eninem

New Club Penguin EPF Field OPS Mission #3 Cheats!

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem and the newest Field OPS Mission is now here at the island! Here is how to complete this week’s assignment. Follow the directions below for the cheats.

Here is the video tutorial of the new Field OPS #3

1. Open up your Spy Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters and waddle towards the Field OPS Screen. When you get there “Accept” Gary’s orders.

2. Next teleport to the Mine by using your Spy Phone. Walk towards the huge Light Bulb machine.

3. Your Spy Gadget will ring so click on it. You will need to match the buttons to the corresponding shape. Fore example: Triangle to Triangle.

4. When you have finished you will recieve another EPF badge!

Do you like this week’s assignment from the EPF? I wonder what the mission is for next week!

-Eninem ;)

Club Penguin Field Ops #2 Cheats

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem and the new Field OPS #2 is here! Here’s how to complete Field OPS #2.

Here is a video tutorial:

1. Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters.

2. Walk towards the Field OPS Screen and accept Gary’s orders.

3. Use your map and head to the Mountain. Walk near the Ski Post.

4. Click on your Spy Gadget and use your arrow keys to maneuver your Spy Gadget to the ports. Be careful you will need to keep recharging your Spy Gadget every time you are hurt or have visited each port. You might need to find the key to enter a certain port!

5. When you have successfully finished you will receive a badge for your hard work! If you have kept your badge from last week you now have two!

I wonder what they will do for next weeks Field OPS. Do you like this weeks mission?

-Eninem ;)

New Club Penguin Elite Gear!

Hey everyone!

If you still have not completed Field Ops just yet, click here!

When the Field Ops had been released, Elite Gear had also been released on your Spy Gadget. Check it out! Just open up your Spy Gadget and click on the little badge on the upper left side corner of the device. It’s highlighted in this picture below.

When you click on it, the gadget will turn sideways and a menu will pop up with different types of clothing!

And the special feature about Elite Gear is you need to buy the clothing by using the medals your earn from the mini-missions on Field Ops!

Here’s the pricing of the Elite Gear:

Starter Gear:

EPF Earpiece: 1 medal needed

Basic: Set Delta:

Delta Fedora: 2 medals needed

Delta Shades: 1 medal needed

Delta Suit: 4 medals needed

Delta Sneaks: 3 medals needed

Basic Set Alpha:

The Alpha: 2 medals needed

Alpha Shades: 1 medal needed

Alpha Suit: 4 medals needed

Alpha Pumps: 3 medals needed

– Eninem ;)

New Club Penguin Herbert Statue!

Hey everyone!

Did you check out the Mine Shack lately? There’s a big snow sculpture of Herbert the Bear on the right side of the Mine Shack! Check it out!

No, this isn’t the device of the new Field Ops mission. If you need the guide for the Field Ops, Click here! What do you think this means for Club Penguin!

– Eninem ;)