New Club Penguin Field OPS #6 Cheats

For less lag on the new Field OPS Cheats press “=+” on your keyboard!

Hey everyone!

The newest Field OPS is here, here is how to finish the mission.

1. Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the Headquarters. Accept Gary’s request.

2. Use your map and head to the Mine Shack.

3. Go inside the Recycling Factory and waddle next to the computer.

Answer your Spy Gadget and it will lead you to the inside of the computer. For this weeks mission, you will need to crack the firewall by using your keyboard keys. Match the pattern to the imcoming pattern above.

If you matched all of the patterns you will receive another EPF badge! Congrats!

I like this week’s mission don’t you? Even though I’m having problems with the mission, it still looks cool!

– Eninem