Club Penguin Times Issue #247

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem and the newest Club Penguin Times newspaper is available to read! This week’s topic is focused on the Music Jam that is coming tomorrow! Don’t forget that the Penguin Band will be coming backstage, if you want to meet them don’t forget to check out our 100% Penguin Band Tracker!

I can’t wait for the Music Jam, how about you? What are you planning to do during the party?

Here are this month’s events:

July 9th: Music Jam arrives to Club Penguin and New Penguin Mail.

July 14th: New Pin hidden

July 15th: New Better Igloos and New instruments available

July 23rd: Underwater Adventure arrives to the Stage.

– Eninem ;)


Club Penguin New Music Jam Backstage Pass!

Club Penguin Band Tracking starts this Friday! Don’t forget to check out our tracker on Friday!

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Hey everyone!

I found something amazing you should check out! I was roaming around the Club Penguin website when I noticed this picture! The blue penguin is wearing a Music Jam pass, could this be the new Music Jam pass?

What do you think? It looks kinda of cool to me! I can’t wait for the Music Jam to arrive again!

– Eninem

Club Penguin Prepares for the Music Jam 2010!

Hey everyone!

Have you checked around the island lately? Construction has arrived to several rooms around the island, check out the Ski Village!

Also, check out the Dock!

I can’t wait for the party! How about you?

– Eninem

Club Penguin Music Jam Login Screen 2010

Hey everyone!

The Music Jam is coming once again to Club Penguin, there will be more festivities to do at the party. There has been a new login screen about the Music Jam! Check it out!

Looks amazing! What do you think? The new Club Penguin Music Jam will be coming to the island on July 9th!

– Eninem