More Upcoming Features for Members!

Hey everyone!

The Club Penguin has announced that there will be tons of features for members for the months of July and August! The Music Jam was nice too with the chance to meet Cadence and the Penguin Band!

Here are some upcoming events coming soon:

  • Make music at the Lighthouse: A new music catalog is available for members at the Lighthouse!
  • Design your own Igloo: Members get a chance to design their own igloos!
  • Spy Phone Updates: New updates will be placed in the gadget to keep the island safe!
  • Earn Stamps: Several games will be changing for you to obtain the stamps. For example: Jet Pack Adventure and Catching Waves!

Sounds like a lot for the members! What do you think?



New Club Penguin Lighthouse Catalog!

Hey everyone!

The Music Jam may have ended at Club Penguin, but now you can purchase music instruments at the Lighthouse! Here’s how to find the catalog.

1. Use your map and teleport to the Beach.

2. Go inside the Lighthouse.

3. Walk to the bin of instruments or click on the catalog on the bottom right corner.

Not surprised by the choice of instruments Club Penguin has chosen for the catalog. Well anyways, what do you think about the catalog? Pretty cool right? Don’t forget that the newest Field OPS will be releasing tomorrow! Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for the cheats!

I will be working on my new site, so if I update a bit late, it’s probably why. Don’t worry.

– Eninem

New Club Penguin Times Issue #248

Hey everyone!

Today Club Penguin has released the Penguin Times Issue #248. The Music Jam has been rocking the whole island, even thought it will be over by this Sunday, there are still a lot of more events coming up!

This week’s topic is mostly about the Music Jam, more items being released and how it is effecting penguins around the whole island! Don’t forget, by July 18, the Music Jam will no longer be here!

On July 26, there will be a new feature probably coming soon! It might have something to do with surfing! What do you think?

Here are the upcoming events for Club Penguin in late July to early August!

July 19th: New Lighthouse Catalog.

July 26th: New feature coming to Club Penguin.

July 29th: New pin hidden.

August 6th: New Penguin Style Catalog.

August 20th: New Better Igloos Catalog.

Wow tons of events coming up! But there will also two more additional parties coming up for this site! Check back for more details soon!

– Eninem ;)

New Club Penguin Better Igloos July 2010 Cheats!

Hey everyone!

This months Better Igloos for July 2010 is here filled with tons of hidden items! This month’s theme is based on the Music Jam! Here is how to find all of the hidden items:

Quarter Note:

To find the Quarter Note, go to the second page of the catalog and click on the Wall Speaker.

Drum Kit:

To find the Drum Kit, go to the second page of the catalog and click on the DJ Table.

Music Stand:

To find the Music Stand, go to the fourth page of the catalog and click on the Eighth Note.


To find the HDTv, go to the sixth page of the catalog and click on the Clothes Rack.

Bamboo Torch:

To find the Bamboo Torch, go to the eighth page of the catalog and click on the third hole of the Pirate Ship.

Ficus Plant:

To find the Ficus Plant, go to the ninth page of the catalog and click on the Blue Flower of the Flower Pot.

Poodle Plant:

To find the Poodle Plant, go to the tenth page of the catalog and click on the Potted Palm.


To find the Bulrushes, go to the eleventh page of the catalog and click on the fish on the banner.

– Eninem ;)

Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Favorite Role!

Hey everyone!

Last week, Club Penguin asked you what was your favorite dance moves? Lawain answered:

Well, i like to make my own dance style, and i cant do this without my friends, cuz they love to dance! We love to swing our hands in the air and sing along to our favorite songs! We also love to breakdance so that the crowd will be amazed! We also love to combine dances to see how many possibilities there are to dance! We love to boogie to the beat, stomp our feet, and have a little treat afterwards!

Great answer Lawain! Remember that the Music Jam will only last until July 18, which is this Sunday! Don’t forget to use our Penguin Band Trackers all this week for more chances to meet them!

Now this week, the Club Penguin Team has asked this week what is your favorite role to be? It could be a singer or a backup dancer and etc!

– Eninem ;)

New Club Penguin Music Jam 2010 Party Cheats!

Hey everyone!

The Music Jam party is here at Club Penguin today! Wow it came early! Well anyways here are the cheats for this month’s party. Let’s start off with the non-members items first.

To find the free Blue Headphones follow the directions below:

1. Use your map and go to the Cove.

2. Walk to the bin of Blue Headphones.

Here are the cheats for the members.


To enter the Backstage, members still need to purchase a V.I.P pass. It can be bought from the Stand T-Shirts at the Snow Forts.

To enter the Backstage, you can either enter from the main stage at the Docks or from the Casa Fiesta.

Here is what the Backstage should look like from the inside.

When you walk in the room, there is a free member item for you to receive.

Don’t forget there is a Music Jam catalog for the members only. Just click on the basket of instruments to view the catalog. More instruments will be arriving on July 15.


To enter the Roof, follow these directions.

1. Use your map and head to the Town.

2. Walk inside the Night Club and walk upstairs to the Game Lounge.

3. There is an entrance to the Rooftop on the top left of the Game Lounge Screen. Go inside to enter.

On the left side of the Roof, you can receive a Boom Box.

Casa Fiesta:

You can enter the Casa Fiesta from the Ski Village.

Too bad I’m not a member at the moment! Do you enjoy the Music Jam party? Don’t forget we have the 100% accurate Penguin Band and Aunt Arctic Trackers here! Just click in the trackers on the side to begin tracking! (Cadance tracker will be available A.S.A.P)

– Eninem ;)

Club Penguin New Music Jam Backstage Pass!

Club Penguin Band Tracking starts this Friday! Don’t forget to check out our tracker on Friday!

Click here for the newest EPF Field Ops Mission #4 Cheats!

Hey everyone!

I found something amazing you should check out! I was roaming around the Club Penguin website when I noticed this picture! The blue penguin is wearing a Music Jam pass, could this be the new Music Jam pass?

What do you think? It looks kinda of cool to me! I can’t wait for the Music Jam to arrive again!

– Eninem