New Club Penguin Music Jam 2010 Party Cheats!

Hey everyone!

The Music Jam party is here at Club Penguin today! Wow it came early! Well anyways here are the cheats for this month’s party. Let’s start off with the non-members items first.

To find the free Blue Headphones follow the directions below:

1. Use your map and go to the Cove.

2. Walk to the bin of Blue Headphones.

Here are the cheats for the members.


To enter the Backstage, members still need to purchase a V.I.P pass. It can be bought from the Stand T-Shirts at the Snow Forts.

To enter the Backstage, you can either enter from the main stage at the Docks or from the Casa Fiesta.

Here is what the Backstage should look like from the inside.

When you walk in the room, there is a free member item for you to receive.

Don’t forget there is a Music Jam catalog for the members only. Just click on the basket of instruments to view the catalog. More instruments will be arriving on July 15.


To enter the Roof, follow these directions.

1. Use your map and head to the Town.

2. Walk inside the Night Club and walk upstairs to the Game Lounge.

3. There is an entrance to the Rooftop on the top left of the Game Lounge Screen. Go inside to enter.

On the left side of the Roof, you can receive a Boom Box.

Casa Fiesta:

You can enter the Casa Fiesta from the Ski Village.

Too bad I’m not a member at the moment! Do you enjoy the Music Jam party? Don’t forget we have the 100% accurate Penguin Band and Aunt Arctic Trackers here! Just click in the trackers on the side to begin tracking! (Cadance tracker will be available A.S.A.P)

– Eninem ;)