New Club Penguin Times Issue #248

Hey everyone!

Today Club Penguin has released the Penguin Times Issue #248. The Music Jam has been rocking the whole island, even thought it will be over by this Sunday, there are still a lot of more events coming up!

This week’s topic is mostly about the Music Jam, more items being released and how it is effecting penguins around the whole island! Don’t forget, by July 18, the Music Jam will no longer be here!

On July 26, there will be a new feature probably coming soon! It might have something to do with surfing! What do you think?

Here are the upcoming events for Club Penguin in late July to early August!

July 19th: New Lighthouse Catalog.

July 26th: New feature coming to Club Penguin.

July 29th: New pin hidden.

August 6th: New Penguin Style Catalog.

August 20th: New Better Igloos Catalog.

Wow tons of events coming up! But there will also two more additional parties coming up for this site! Check back for more details soon!

– Eninem ;)


Club Penguin Times Issue #246

Hey everyone!

The newest Penguin Times #246 is fresh from the presses this week. For this week’s topic, the Music Jam will be coming back again on July 9th!

Here are the upcoming events!

July 9th: Music Jam Party begins! New Penguin Mail

July 15th: New Hidden Pin!

– Eninem

Club Penguin Times Issue #245

Hey everyone!

It’s Eninem and the new Penguin Times newspaper has been released today! This week’s topic is still about the Adventure Party! Don’t forget the Adventure Party will end on June 27! Hurry and hangout with your friends before the party will end!

Since the newest Penguin Times Catalog will be coming on July 2nd, (next Friday) the theme is music! New clothing will be available with music inspired styles.

Here are the upcoming events:

June 27th: Adventure Party ends

July 2nd: New Penguin Style and New Pin

July 9th: New Penguin Mail Postcards

July 16th: New Better Igloo Catalog

July 23rd: Underwater Adventure splashes into the Stage.

A lot of new events will be coming next month! What are you looking forward to?

Still looking for Rockhopper? Keep checking our 100% accurate trackers! We make sure that Rockhopper can be found for you!

– Eninem ;)

Club Penguin Times Issue #241

Hey everyone!

It’s Justrokstar and the newest Club Penguin Times is now available for reading! This week, Club Penguin has been mentioning about the construction of all the popcorn in the Ski Village. Since the Sport’s shop is closed, there will be another “Store” in place of it.

Here are the upcoming events!

  • June 4th: New Penguin Style and New Pin
  • June 11th: New Postcards and Ruby and the Rub return to stage.
  • June 18th: New Better Igloos Catalog

– Justrokstar ;)