Club Penguin Cheats

Welcome to the Club Penguin Cheats page! This page is frequently updated with the hottest cheats in Club Penguin! Everything from money cheats to codes! Don’t forget to come back daily, since we update this page everyday!

Club Penguin Chat Bubble Cheat:

1. Login to Club Penguin to any server and any room.

2. On your chat bar, type any 7-10 letter word. When you finish typing each word, use 3 spaces.

3. Enter the chat bubble. This is what it should like.

Standing on room pathways:

1. Login to Club Penguin to any server and room.

2. Click on the pathway.

3. When you’re walking quickly open up your Penguin Mail envelope.

4. View your Penguin Mail once your penguin has finishing walking.

5. Exit out of your Penguin Mail.

Here is what it should look like.

Talk with the newspaper:

1. Login to Club Penguin to any server and to any room.

2. Head to top right or top left of any room.

3. Open up the newspaper and click on “We Need You” button on the top left.

4. Select the “Question” box on the submit your content page.

5. Press “Submit”. You don’t need to write anything.

6. Go to the main page of the newspaper.

7. Press on “TAB” on your keyboard and start typing!

Here’s what it should look like!

Playing the Whistle and Bell:

1. Login Club Penguin and go to any server and room. Make sure you have only the Whistle and Bell on your penguin!

2. Press “W” on your keyboard to wave, as your waving you can see that your penguin is using both the Whistle and Bell!

It should look like this!

You can also use the Whistle and Paddle Ball as well! It would also have the same effect! Here’s what it would look like!

Reading the Penguin Times without logging in:

Now you can read the newspaper without logging into Club Penguin with a SWF!  Just copy and paste this URL below to your address bar:

The current link would not work for the newspaper, so you would need to change the numbers at the end of the link for the correct newspaper. The first four numbers are for the year (2009). The next two numbers (10) are used for the month. The last two numbers (22) is the day of the Thursday release of the newspaper.

Walk away from playing any mini game:

1. Play any mini game like Find Four or Mancala.

2. Click “yes” to start the game.

3. While playing, click on your Penguin Mail and exit out of the mail.

4. Click anywhere in the room. You will still be able to play the game!

Invisible ninja cheat:

1. Open your player card and put only your ninja mask and ninja costume.

2. Press “D” on your keyboard.

It should look something like this!

Rockhopper’s Friendship Bracelet:

1. Go to the Book Room and click on the library.

2. Open up the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”. Go to the last page of the book.

3. Click on the rainbow bracelet.

Here is what the bracelet should look like:

Rockhopper’s key and pin:

1. Go to the Book Room and click on the library.

2. Open up “Rockhopper’s Journal” and flip to the last page.

3. Click on the key.

Here is what it should look like.

Finding Secret Rooms in Club Penguin:

To find the Iceberg on the map of Club Penguin click on the small iceberg on the map.

To find the Boiler Room, go to the Night Club and walk to the second speaker.

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